Friday, November 16, 2007

Major News Update for C&Space!

I have a couple of news items for C&Space:

First, our office has moved! C&Space now owns its own site located in Cheo-In Gu within the city of Yongin, slightly further south of Seoul than our previous office. Our new office is just beyond the edge of the highly developed area of Gyounggi province around Seoul, so we are surrounded by forest on one side and the air quality seems to be a bit better.

Second, our new flightweight engine, integrated with the test stand, has been delivered to the site. (as shown in the photos) I'm only about 5ft6 so you can see the engine is not so big. The tanks will supply enough propellant to support a 10 second firing.

The entire test facility, including the test stand and control room is mobile, and can easily be loaded onto the backs of two flatbed trucks for transport to a remote testing location. We plan to be doing just that within two months when we start our firing tests.

By the way, I also feel obliged to comment that Time magazine's implicit crediting of another company with the "invention" of the methane rocket engine in 2007 suggests a myopically US centered attitude when it comes to technology reporting. We actually did our first integrated firing test in 2005!