Sunday, August 05, 2007

What I've been up to

I'm still trying to figure out a way of fitting blogging into my weekly schedule in a way that doesn't get compromised. I've tried after work at the office, but that doesn't work well because my wife complains that I'm always late for dinner. I've tried at home, but there are usually one-hundred and one other things I should be doing there that take priority. I tried typing my blog items in tiny pieces with the intention of posting them at the end of the week. The end result was that I ended up with two perfectly fine blog entries that were completely out of date by the time I was ready to post. (I may yet be able to salvage the one about space solar power) The other post about Orbital Express will probably have to be dropped.

The kind of thing that has kept me busy has been development of the electronic control system for our next methane engine plus helping out with the data acquisition system design, learning Korean, and now preparing to start my first semester of a masters degree in Computer System engineering at Sung Kyun Kwan University (SKKU). While I do any of these tasks at home, I am usually being distracted by my 10 month old son who has now achieved the development milestones of being able to pull books and other items off shelves, eat tiny objects off the floor, eat books he has previously pulled off the shelves, eat the contents of plant pots, and when he's done, find daddy and demand to be picked up.

My plan now is to somewhat modify the contents of my blogs. I've been trying to post exclusively about space stuff, but the problem with this is that I'm not really an expert in space systems, especially the launch vehicle side of things. I really doubt that my opinion in those areas counts for very much. Instead I want to focus a little more on my personal experience of living and working in Korea. I suspect this will be more interesting to a lot of people, and will be a subject I can be a little more authoritative with, and quite frankly, will be less difficult to write accurately about. I will also try to talk a little more about the company I work for, although I am somewhat limited in what I can say since we want to avoid building false expectations, or providing our competitors with free information about us. I also hope to be a bit braver about hitting the 'Publish Post' button when I've finished my entries. It's just a blog after all, not a trade publication. ;-)