Thursday, June 04, 2009

changed my links again

After I got in email contact with the author of the ISS blog offering me a 'link exchange' (see 2 posts back in comments) I strongly suspected based on the email I received that the blog was a mashup done by a group of professionals, probably in a poor part of the world where the work involved might actually pay enough to be worth it. This was confirmed by a google search of a text sample from the blog that returned an article in the NASA site. I should have guessed it before due to the odd nature of the blog's own links. (men's suits indeed!) The link is gone and I've replaced it with a couple of links to sites that make their own content.

To anyone who wants to propose a link exchange, the site you want me to link to needs to have 3 qualities:
-be interesting to me,
-be maintained by a human,
-be of sufficient quality.

frankly I would probably fail my own blog based on the last point (and yes I am human :-) )


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