Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back again. This is what happened.

Previously I committed to putting up at least one new post every week. Here's why I fell down on that particular commitment (and over X Prize Cup week as well!):

Yep, I'm a (first time) Dad. The Koreans say young Joseph looks just like me but I'm not so sure. He was supposed to arrive on Oct 31, but came on the 11th instead at around 3.5kg (7.7lb). Mom is recovering extremely well but we are both on a steep learning curve when it comes to baby care :)

Fortunately I was able to follow much of what happened at the X-Prize Cup on the internet over the last few days. Personally I think the most important outcome is that the event was successful and people who visited really enjoyed seeing all the competitions, displays and demonstrations. The X Prize Cup should now be well on the way to being a yearly space extravaganza with every year being bigger and better than the last. This is important because every improvement will add greater momentum and encourage yet more innovation and improvement in various space related fields by the participants, and because it could be a key to helping the average person learn to feel comfortable with the idea that space is accessible and doesn't have to be out of bounds to him or her just because they are not a hand picked, highly trained government employee.
The event even made it onto Korean TV (I saw it at lunchtime a few days ago) with key attractions, such as Armadillo's Pixel vehicle and the space elevator climber competions being included in the footage.

Good Luck with next year's X Prize Cup. I hope I can be there next time!


At 6:09 PM , Blogger Jon Goff said...

Congrats David! Little kids are definitely a legitimate distraction. Our next one is on the way at the end of December. I'll have to make sure I visit your blog more often to keep myself posted on what's up.


At 3:56 AM , Blogger David Riseborough said...

Hi Jon. Thanks for the message. All the best with your next one - hope everything goes smoothly.
The way things are right now this blog probably only needs about 2 minutes a week to check out :)


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