Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bigelow and sidebar links

Sorry for the gap in posts. Been kinda busy.

I've added some energy related pages to the sidebar links:

-Energy Outlook is a nice, fairly conservative blog on just about any energy related matters.
-The Energy Blog mainly consists of reports of alternative energy company news releases.
-The End Of Cheap Oil is an entertainingly alarmist blog from someone in the Peak Oil camp, without some of the shrill political rubbish that accompanies many of the other peak oil sites.

Also it looks as if Bigelow have not lost their sense of creativity!

For some reason I was slightly concerned previously that once they start developing the full scale habitat they might lose their creative spark due to focusing too much on achieving a tightly defined set of requirements, possibly to obtain government contracts. Just like a hotel on Earth, I would expect the habitat to cater for a wide variety of users, and being too requirements driven might kill demand, not to mention the fun aspect they are carefully cultivating.


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