Tuesday, August 01, 2006

About this blog

This blog is going to be mainly about space and space travel, of course. I used the term continuum in the title to suggest that Earth and Space are connected and that the process of getting from here on Earth to space is not a sudden quantum leap, but a gradual progression of capability. In fact travel in space itself is arguably separated into more sharply defined borders than the border to space itself.
Nevertheless I'll probably be covering a few other areas as well. I have an interest in the technical and economic aspects of energy production here on Earth, eg oil availability, alternative energy, and of course the possibility of getting electrical energy from orbiting solar panel stations.
I also may share a few tidbits about life here in Korea, and events in my company, CSI. (although probably not much because we generally prefer to lie low)
Since I'm extremely busy these days with helping the team here at CSI develop the first commercially available methane rocket engine while at the same time trying to learn Korean, I'm not quite sure how frequent my posts will be. On the other hand, I started this blog because whenever I read online news and commentary I start to think of all kinds of new ideas and perspectives and I've been itching to write them all down. Hopefully the latter will win out. :-)


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